Graffiti Portraits, Characters, Artwork by Manchester based Graffiti Artist Akse (P19 Crew)

Akse is a French Graffiti Artist of Vietnamese origins based in Manchester UK since 1997. Akse started painting in 1992 and became a member of the P19 Crew (founded by Pest) in 1993. Although Akse started writing Letters, he quickly specialised in Characters. Over the last few years Akse has focused on freehand High-Definition HD photo-realism graffiti portraits.
Akse was shortlisted with 100 other artists (out of 1200 entries) to participate in the BBC2 program "€œShow me the Monet"€ (Episode 1, May 2011) and received a "€œYes"€ vote from Art critic Charlotte Mullins who wrote the book "€œPainting People: the State of the Art"€ (Thames & Hudson, 2006) and was a judge for the 2009 BP Portrait Award at the National Portrait Gallery.

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